Managing Personal Change

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Get clear on the meaning, identity and structure of your life.

The PANGAEA Transitions experience is a thoughtful process of reflection and renewal for adults who are facing life or professional changes. We regularly schedule programs in Maui, Hawaii and work with individuals on a customized basis to engage our clients in a results-oriented methodology that combines the beauty of nature with introspection, group presentations, interactive learning situations and reflection. Every effort is focused on helping them achieve maximum results. This is why our clients have called the program “a life changing experience.”

The moment you decide to participate in the PANGAEA Transitions program, whether as an individual or as a business group, you will begin to take control of your own process for managing life’s changes. Our programs are highly effective, experiential, and have a proven track record for success.

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Enabling people who have done well to do good.

We support you to find meaning in how you live in the second half of your life.

We support you to find meaning in how you live in the second half of your life.

SECOND ACT is a highly personalized service to support individuals who desire to redefine the identity, meaning and structure of their life after the initial success of their career.

SECOND ACT provides a focused and facilitative environment to assist motivated people who seek a new purpose, or mission, in their continuing life journey Рtheir Second Act. Working with clients in a collaborative relationship, we have helped clients re¬connect with or invent new purpose and intention in avocational pursuits.

We also have helped individuals identify new professional paths or meaningful ways to give back to society, using their experience and skills. When asked, we have served to introduce Second Act clients to well-suited social causes, worthy of their commitments, and brokered new personal relationships with organizations, common communities of interest and other Second Act alumni.

Through the success of the Transitions and Second Act programs, our clients have been able to identify and live out new passions. We salute those clients who have had the courage to pursue personal dreams or chosen to give back to society as they have redefined and created a meaningful second act to the success of their early careers.