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PANGAEA works with clients on critical issues including: formulation of corporate vision, problems of organizational change and conflict, downsizing, team building, leadership development, strategic planning and market and product development strategies.
PANGAEA specializes in assisting senior executive management teams to effectively conduct strategic planning and operational problem solving. We have served many fortune 500 companies as the facilitator of choice for senior executive retreats.
PANGAEA has a proven track record in corporate cultural transformation and change management initiatives. We have conducted strategic planning, team building and all-employee conferences for more than twenty years.
Our services and products inspire success.

Our services and products inspire success.

We have helped our clients effectively manage confidential and difficult conflicts within their organizations. We use the cost-effective and powerful “Snapshot Assessment” process and are totally at ease working with high conflict and stressful meetings and situations.

PANGAEA provides executive coaching and training to align senior management teams and department leadership units. Our success over the years has made a difference in productivity, quality of work life and team effectiveness. With a base of operations on Maui we now offer our corporate clients the additional option of combining the beauty of the Valley Isle with outstanding process advice. Participants in corporate retreats held here will benefit from the tranquil spirit of the islands in their group processes.