Our depth of skills and international experience can help involve and align your organization to better manage changes, growth, workforce reductions and other transitions in pursuit of your company’s mission. 

Experience matters.

Experience matters.

We will enhance the capacity of your managers and employees to work more effectively, to focus their direction and inspire commitment, while increasing their capacity for action and results.
Whether we support your executive team, front-line manager group or business partnerships, we will help you overcome your toughest problems, live your values and achieve your vision.

Our promise, and record of achievement, is to creatively facilitate the implementation of your strategic objectives.

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The PANGAEA experience is focused on achieving results that radiate lasting impact.

The Pangaea Method

PANGAEA looks at corporate issues through Process Eyes. Based on decades of experience in dealing with business issues and challenges, we have developed an approach that brings the right process to the problem at hand. As experienced managers ourselves, we understand the value of using professional facilitators.

Too often executives and team leaders try to assume too many roles in key meetings or off site retreats. We free you to focus on the content of the meet­ing by taking responsibility for developing the right process for your needs.

Customized Process

At PANGAEA, the first job is listening. As we learn from your planning group and key executives about the challenges your team is facing, we design a customized process that will address your organization’s most critical issues. These may include executive team decision making; implementation issues; developing team spirit and cohesiveness; improving morale; increasing effective communications; strategic planning, revisiting the organizations vision, mission, values and more. Our approaches to your company’s issues are customized. Let us design a process for your specific needs.