We have more than thirty years of experience in consulting with Fortune 500 clients and offer a unique blend of skills, experience and achievement. We have managed assignments in over 50 countries. Individuals from all walks of life have participated in our successful forums on Leadership, Change Management and Transitions.

We inspire implementation.

We inspire implementation.

We help nourish and grow the creative ideas of you and your people.  By planning and facilitating the key meetings of our clients we increase their productivity and the ability of executive working groups to reach agreements. Our approaches to problem solving and conflict resolution help our clients mange change more effectively and strengthen their positions as industry leaders.

Our expertise in the processes of Transitions enables our participants to deal with major life upheavals brought on by such issues as: career changes, divorce, death of a spouse or close family member, lifestyle changes, and inner changes.


At PANGAEA, we NEVER STOP INSPIRING to help you achieve your strategic objectives.